Unmasking DNS Attack Types

The Domain Name System (DNS) – an essential directory of the internet – isn’t immune to cyber threats. Several DNS attack types lurk in the digital shadows:

  • DNS Cache Poisoning: Manipulating stored data in a DNS resolver, causing it to redirect users to malicious sites.
  • DNS Tunneling: Exploiting DNS to sneakily transfer non-DNS traffic, potentially bypassing network security measures.
  • NXDOMAIN Attack: Overloading a DNS server with requests for non-existent domains, draining resources.
  • DNS Amplification: Exploiting vulnerabilities to amplify the attacker’s traffic, overwhelming target servers.
  • Domain Hijacking: Unauthorized alterations to domain registration details, redirecting a domain’s traffic elsewhere.

Awareness of these attacks paves the way for robust defences, ensuring the internet’s directory remains trustworthy. Check out more details about different DNS attack types.